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    Welcome to, A fan site for the world famous actress singer Marny Kennedy. Marny Kennedy, born January 21, 1994 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia is an Australian actress and singer. Her first major female lead role was as Taylor Fry in the Australian children's television series Mortified, which debuted on CBBC & Nine Network in 2006 and the ABC in 2008 and 2009. Marny appeared in the third series of The Saddle Club in 2009, playing the role of Veronica diAngelo.
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    Singapore partners Australia and Germany to co-produce US$9 million live action series

    A gURL's wURLd TV Show Staring (Marny Kennedy)

    Cannes - Southern Star Singapore, Southern Star Entertainment (Australia) and Nord Deutscher Rundfunk (Germany) launched their US$9million international co-production of A gURLs wURLd, a children's live-action series supported by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) and Screen Australia, Australia's film and television agency.A gURL's wURLd, distributed by Endemol Worldwide Distribution, will premiere on Germany's ARD Network and Australia's Channel Nine reaching out to more than five million viewers across these countries.Southern Star's Noel Price, producer of the series, said that 'a gURLs wURLd' was a clear demonstration that Singapore was an ideal location for shooting mainstream, contemporary drama for the international market. "This has been a ground breaking exercise for Southern Star and we look forward to many more such projects with our Singapore partners in the future."Conceived as a multi-platform project, producers of the series will be creating specially designed web material for a gURLs wURLd's audiences around the globe. International broadcasters - including those in non English speaking countries - will be able to draw on this material to help create community spaces in each country where fans of the show can meet, chat and exchange stories, just like the series' protagonists. The web material will be jointly developed and built by Southern Star Singapore and Southern Star Entertainment.A gURLs wURLd is a 26-episode children's live action drama series targeting tweens. It focuses on the lives of three young teenage girls from Australia, Germany and Singapore who become friends while studying together at an international school in Singapore. At the end of the school term, when the girls return home to their respective countries, they discover that their mobile phones and computers can somehow combine to transport them through a chat room portal into each other's homes. This leads to fun, mayhem, adventure and romance as the three teens spend their days moving freely between Australia, Germany and Singapore.

    Posted on 09 Feb 2010 by Alex Madison
    Marny Kennedy Stars In - a gURLs wURLd

    A live-action series about three young teenage girls one German, one Singaporean and one Australian, who become friends while studying together at an international school in Singapore. The girls are united by their bright, lively personalities and by their common interests in contemporary dance, an activity in which they all excel. With the end of the school year however, they suddenly realise that things are about to end as two of them must return to their homes in Germany and Australia. To their delight and amazement though, the girls accidentally discover that their mobile phones and computers can combine to physically transport them via a “chatroom” into each other’s houses. From then on it’s fun, mayhem, adventure (and a little romance) as the three teens spend their days moving freely between Singapore, Germany and Australia.

    Posted on 04 Jan 2010 by christian
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